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Im in the mood to do a few more of these.

any requests?

i did a few 'reskins' of older caps on my blog a while back, . still want to do more new caps though =p
Seems like a lot of cap'ers are on blogger. I thought I'd join em ;p

Its also much faster to upload there, so Ill probably upload caps there first, then post em on here. Its really easy and fast to make an account, too. You dont need an account to view any blogs or post comments (so if youre too embarrassed to post a request, you can do it on my blog anonymously ;) ).

Heres a link to my blog:

If anyone else has one, post em here!

Edit: There are some captioning challenge (people post an uncaptioned image, people then caption it) blogs out there, so I will only post my challenge captions on my blog, NOT here.
So I suppose Ill fill it up with background info

Ive been on deviantart for a while on different accounts - got one for 2d art, one for 3d, and now I got this :D. For the past couple of months, I have really started to like tg/tf captions. More specifically, captions of characters from games, movies, books, tv shows, just well recognized people. Id always get sad when I couldn't find one for some character, or if I DID find one, I didn't like its style. Sooo, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

So here I am. Doin stuff. Got plans on making caps of...a lot of stuff. You can post in this journal if you have any requests. Odds are Ill have already planned on doing them, but if you request it ill do it first ;p

Also, I always find it disappointing when I finally find a cap but it has a picture I dont like. If you would like another picture instead of one I use, just post a comment or send me a note of the alternate picture and Ill smack the original cap on it. Just make sure you have the creators permission.

Welp, thats about it. Cya.